Do you work in retail, commercial or public spaces?

Do you need a smart, effective, and inexpensive way to get a message out to the people around you?

What if you had a tireless electronic salesperson that could automatically send a message to every single phone that comes near your store or location, non stop, night and day?

We can help you send any message you want to the devices passing within range of our strategically placed electronic beacons each day. Suitable for physical locations like stores or we can also arrange placements in moving locations such as food trucks or limousines.

These easy to use, small and weather resistant  devices broadcast your message or a link to your website or promotion to anyone who nears your establishment or approaches a beacon in your location.

Works with Android and IOS devices.
This is not SMS or text messaging. Our devices are tiny, low power, battery operated, bluetooth radios broadcasting your words to every single phone that comes in range! They last for years with no maintenance at all – you can change your messages or links at will, and we provide you monthly metrics so you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

As a beacon subscriber, we’ll help you send any message you want directly to the numerous handheld devices and people who physically enter or approach your business or physical location each day, all in a very cost effective and maintenance free way!

Please call 518-698-1894 to speak to a specialist about your needs and schedule your installation before subscribing.