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SuperBowl Party
SuperBowl LVIII Private Event (2024)

Empowered by the vision of our brand's leadership, we orchestrated an exclusive private event set against the backdrop of an opulent and secluded property. As a united team, we spared no effort in curating an unforgettable experience for our esteemed guests. Guests were welcomed into an atmosphere of luxury and excitement, where they were immersed in the spirit of the Super Bowl. Our venue, a sanctuary of exclusivity, provided the perfect canvas for this elite gathering, offering unparalleled comfort and sophistication.

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Tyson 2.0
Brand Development  
Mike Tyson’s “Tyson Ranch” to “Tyson 2.0" (2021)

Entrusted by the leadership at Tyson 2.0, we, as a cohesive team, successfully navigated the rebranding journey of Mike Tyson's cannabis brand from Tyson Ranch to Tyson 2.0. Working within a focused 30-day timeframe, our team, led by a talented female designer, collectively reshaped the brand's identity. Together, we crafted a compelling logo, developed an intuitive website, and revamped social media profiles. This unified effort not only authentically captured the essence of the brand but also heightened its resonance in the market. The result strategically positioned Tyson 2.0 for success in a fiercely competitive landscape.

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Kai Cenat Gifitng
Influencer Marketing
Kai Cenat - Top Twitch Streamer Gifting (2023)

To amplify our client, chocolate novelty company, “Koko Nuggz” market visibility, we orchestrated a live unboxing with social media influencer, Kai Cenat. This engagement generated 30 minutes of authentic reaction content, causing a 400% surge in Google searches for Koko Nuggz, translating to an impressive $35,000 in sales, significantly bolstering its digital footprint and brand engagement.

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Diamond SUpply
Brand Partnerships/Deal Brokering URB & Diamond Supply Co (2023)

We facilitated a strategic introduction between Diamond Supply Co and NASDAQ Company, URB/Lyfted Made, leading to a production deal for Diamond's Delta 8 and Delta 9 lines. This collaboration further materialized in a joint presence at several major trade shows this year, bolstering sales and establishing a strong market footing for their cannabinoid product lines.

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KAre Watch
Rebranding Packaging + Website (2024)

In our rebranding initiative for KARE Watches, we successfully highlighted the innovative geolocation and video chat features, transforming the brand's website and packaging. Through a refreshed visual identity and messaging strategy, we seamlessly integrated these standout features into the user experience. The redesigned website now showcases the convenience of real-time tracking and the power of staying connected through video chat, reinforcing KARE Watches as the go-to solution for modern families seeking advanced connectivity and safety solutions.

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Trade Show service
Trade Show Management + Visual Coverage

Trade Shows have been a pivotal key for us to stay on top of the new waves in specific industries, with over 7 years of expierence in planning, managing, and content coverage we are a great fit to consider for your upcoming shows.


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